Holidays and closures 2017/ 18

Term 1

Term begins Tuesday 30th August 2017
(Please note 30th and 31st August half days, no school dinners. School finishes at 12:00pm)
School Development Day (closed for pupils): 20th October 2017
Autumn Half term break: 30th October- 3rd November 2016 (inclusive)
Christmas break: 21st December- 4th January 2018

Term 2

Spring Half term: 12th – 16th February 2018
Easter break: 29th March – 9th April 2018 (inclusive)
School Development Day (closed for pupils): 10th April 2018

Term 3

May bank holiday: 7th May 2017
School Development Day (Closed for pupils): 25th May 2018
Bank holiday: 28th May 2018
School finishes: 29th June 2018

Lunch Menu

 12th- 16th March19th- 23rd March26th- 30th March9th- 13th April
MONDAYFish Fingers, Diced Potatoes & Sweetcorn
Ice cream & fruit
Beef burger, chips, beans
Yoghurt & fruit
Hot dog, Chips & Peas
Yoghurt & Fruit

TUESDAYRoast chicken, roast & mashed potatoes, carrots, broccoli, gravy
Pineapple Sponge & Custard
Roast chicken, roast & mashed potatoes, parsnips, gravy
Chocolate & pear sponge & custard
Breaded fish, diced potatoes & peas
Ice cream

WEDNESDAYChicken curry, rice, naan bread & peas
Milkshake and biscuit
Buffet: sausage rolls, sandwiches, cocktail sausages, chicken nuggets
Orange juice & ice cream

Roast chicken, roast & mashed potatoes, carrots, broccoli, gravy
Cherry sponge & custard
THURSDAYChicken goujons, mashed potatoes, mixed veg, gravy
Banana sponge & custard
Sausages, Mashed Potatoes, turnip & gravy
Jelly & ice cream

Pasta Bolognese, garlic bread & salad
Jelly & fruit
FRIDAYSausages, chips, beans
Yoghurt & fruit
Fish cakes, potato slices & peas
Frozen yoghurt

Beef burger, chips & beans
Yoghurt & fruit

School Meals: 1 day – £2.60 / 2 days – £5.20 / 3 days – £7.80 / 4 days – £10.40 / 5 days – £13.00
Please send correct money

To download a copy of the current lunch menu Click Here


Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Hi, I’m Kate, Chair of the PTA. I need your help and support to raise £1500 by 23rd March.

Ok ok don’t panic…I have ideas!

So firstly….what is the money needed for? Simple! 8 android tablets!

Our fabulously clever ICT co-ordinator has a vision… our school will be a ‘School of Excellence’ in ICT! Claire McLaughlin has an amazing development plan drawn up encompassing the P1 – P7 curriculum outlining the goals for each year group and how this will be achieved.

So now to the how’s…

  1. A Bag Pack – Sharon (our treasurer) has secured two dates in Iceland. The 9th March and the 27rd April @ Iceland Doagh Road.
  2. We need volunteers to help on these dates, speak to Sharon to arrange a timeslot.

If anyone else has any contacts within Tesco/Asda/Lidl etc. please call in a favour for a bag pack! I have asked all of the above but been told ‘no.’

  1. A Night at the Races – 23rd of March @ The Academy Club. This is one for your diary! It will be hilarious…the blind leading the blind. To save on overhead costs we are trying to run this ourselves with the help of an online bundle.

This is an excellent way to make ‘Big Money’ upwards of £1,000 is possible! I would appreciate if every family purchased two tickets and two horses to support us, even if you can’t make it on the night. Imagine the names some of the horses will have if we let the pupils name them!

Raffle prizes will be needed! So for those of you with a brass neck lol please ring around asking for prizes I will think you are amazing!!

**** If there is anyone who has experience running ‘A Night @ The Races’ I need your help!!*** My contact number is – 07738712738.

  1. Coffee Morning/Bun Sale – Friday 16th March. This will be a public event running from 10am to 11.45am. I know there are a few excellent bakers among you, please don’t be shy in showing off your talents. All bun/cake donations will be very much appreciated!  Yum, yum I love a bun!

But please remember… if you don’t come along to support us by buying buns, no money will be raised.

And lastly…and this is a biggie for I am not asking any of you for money, we will ask others!

  1. Business Poster Design

This is an idea from last year, actually my idea, so a good one lol. In a nutshell, we approach a business asking for a minimum donation of £30 for us to advertise their business for them on Facebook, using a poster one of our pupils has designed. It’s up to us to like, share and ask our Facebook friends to share each poster to get as many views as possible. One of our ad’s from last year received 2,600 views!

This is such an easy way for us to make money, and involves our pupils showing off their artistic talents, while raising money for their school.

Please if you have a friend/ family member or employer ask if they would like to support us by getting involved. 3 posters were designed in the last school year, raising £240. The sky is the limit with this unique type of fundraising! Contact me for further info.

To conclude, at the minute with fundraising events we have the support of half of parents. Our PTA meetings are attended by approx. 8 parents, while I understand it is not possible to attend all meetings, your support in other areas would be greatly appreciated – PTA is about us all working together. Please could everyone rally around and get behind us, any monies raised is for the benefit of our children. Every little helps!! (Even the monthly £1 non uniform day).

P.S – Dads are welcome too- Stuart could do with some male backup lol!

Kate McVeigh